Apple sauce

Some of you that I talk to in person might have heard (or witnessed) me talking to my laptop. This is because I discovered the Mac’s speech commands functionality. I personally think that it is quite useful and I found that I actually do use it, despite what I might have initially thought. However, I have been informed that this feature is not unique to Panther, nor is it a product of Jaguar. In fact it predates OSX entirely according to Jesse - one of my programming competition teammates. I was also told that it used to be quite unrealiable, which made it annoying to use. Now it would seem, Apple is doing a much better job. Maybe it is just that my voice is clearer or that voice recognition technology has improved, but what ever the reason, I find it quite realiable.

On another laptop related note, I signed up for my ‘free trial’ of .Mac today. This is so I could use the iChat AV program that came with Panther in order to trial it’s voice chat features (I don’t have a camera for it). The amusing thing is, the trial is only 60 days, but if I don’t end up paying for it, I can still use my account for iChat, just not my email and iDisk. So if you are on iChat or AIM, my ID is

Written by Colin Bate