A day of epic proportions

At least it could be. Hey everyone I am here in Rochester, NY and this is the morning of the Northeast Regional ACM Programming Competition 2003. Today Jesse, Chris and I pit our hardcore programming skills against not only SMU and UNB, but such pretigious schools as MIT and Harvard. Despite that competition, I have total faith in the fact that we can take this if we simply give it our all - and trust me… we are going to be.

On the other side of the coin, it has been a great trip so far and I even have high speed Internet in the hotel room. Unfortunately, because I snore… it was all Marc could do to keep from killing me last night, however I got a fine sleep and that was the main goal last night according to him. Tonight it would seem is a different scenario, because for better or worse… it is all going to be over. Also cool was the prop plane that we took from Toronto to Rochester - it had a total of 18 seats! By far it was the smallest aircraft that I have been on. It was a short 25 minute flight though which was nice, because at that point (5:30pm) we had been travelling since shortly after 9am.

I will obviously be able to fill you in as to how we do today if I know. If we don’t have official results, I’m pretty sure I’ll know if we are contenders to go on to the next level - World Finals in Prague. Really - that’s why we are all here. I have photos that I will be putting up at my Contest Exposé. Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate