One Month Remaining

August! That only mean that we have one month remaining, until we are back at the grind so to speak. Of course, for myself, that doesn’t mean travelling anywhere, just watching all of my friends and comrades return from their summer dwellings. But I have good expectations for this year. Year 3. Starting my co-op in the winter — doing my programming thing. Oh yea, this I hope will even be better than last year, if that is possible to imagine.

I would like to note that I did get my CDs. They were shipped on Tuesday, July 30 and I received them on Friday, August 2. You certainly don’t get that kind of speed from places in the states, god bless you Oh course, that is due to customs, but has free shipping in Canada and the US. But in regards to the CDs themselves - let’s just say that they are in fact — bitchin’.

As some of you may well know certainly better than myself, you have all heard of people getting so damn drunk some nights that they will wake up with tattoos, piercings, wives, harvested kidneys — that sort of thing. But a friend of mine at work (from our IT dept) was out drinking with his friends one night in March and woke up to find that he had registered a domain name — Now that is hardcore geekdom right there. In your weakest moment — willing to indulge your hidden desires — you register a domain name. I can’t say that I might not do the same, but that at least is something funny to tell people.

And in local news, I have less than a week before I can move downstairs in good ole Glengary. I am currently the envy of all of my friends. Well just one — my former roommate and frequent partner in crime — tugger. Well, it’s as they say… “Smoke em if you got em.” And well, since I don’t smoke, I’ll just have to settle with moving downstairs instead. And one more thing that I want to stress to everyone out there. I you are planning a trip and anticipate that you might need accommodations, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don’t wait until the day of or day before your trip to make reservations — especially if it is a long weekend! I mean, really. Friday was just insane at work, and now that I have said what I have said, I think, I am just going to try to block that from my mind now. You all have a good weekend.

Cheers, rhuvok

Written by Colin Bate