Some Big Changes

Well, well, well. I had finally changed the header for my website - and about time too - over 5 months with the same look. That is forever in Colin website standards. And before anybody says anything, the carnation is merely temporary - it will be changing to various other photos periodically as I feel like it. I think that the helicopter from across the street will be next. I may also be changing the way certain things look and what not over the next little while, as I am currently in my housecleaning mode. So if there are any changes or suggestions you have, let me know now so that they will likely get done.


I’m not sure if everyone has heard, but I am getting the ball rolling so to speak on preparing echo! for distribution. I haven’t decided if I want to distribute it as solely a weblog system, or as a general content management system. I have a fair bit more work to do on it yet either way. I was looking at getting for this, but I think I may go with I guess, I’ll wait and see - maybe I’ll get both. So that is my duty for the next month or so is to get that ready and hope that I can make some money from it.

My weekend went reasonably well - no visitors, no excitement, no new couches, watched a couple movies, cleaned the bathroom… that sort of thing. I really don’t have much to report at this time actually. Still getting excited about the big move downstairs. I know, I know… it is a long way, but I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble adjusting to the new culture. I’m pretty flexible in that way you know. But apart from the limited time I have left as a non-basement dweller, I don’t have much else to rant about.

Except that I don’t think that has sent out my order yet. How is it supposed to get here by this weekend, if it hasn’t been sent yet. I swear… some people. But as I said before - free shipping, so I’m not going to bite the hand that feeds me, considering that they have already charged the credit card. I will definitely keep people up to date on the status of my order as it changes.

Cheers, rhuvok

Written by Colin Bate