Well played clerks...

So sorry about the extended hiatus from posting - you know how it is, real life things start happening and BAM! out of date website. But that is the type of world we live in these days. With that in mind, I shall recount the tales of the 1.5 weeks since I last updated.

flowery accentFirst and formost - I have now moved into my bachelor apartment. This was/is a very exciting time for me. I now realize more than ever that I really have too much stuff. I doubt that I need my notes from first year of university, let alone high school. And there are clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in years - and chances are - I will never wear again. So once I get the extra furniture out of my apartment - which I thought I got to keep, but that is not the case - I will start the task of sorting out what to send home for my brothers to pick through, and what to donate to charity. And of course there is the stuff that I just have to throw out.

The only grievence that I have with said apartment is the entrance to it. When you enter the apartment you immediately have to turn left in a little hallway structure. This, coupled with substandard sized hallway (which I’m sure is against modern building codes) has prevented me from getting my nice new couch into my apartment. Yes it is a long couch, but if the building was regulation, I should’ve been able to get it in. The innuendo rolled into that sentence was a bit much eh?

Elektric Dreams draws near, and although I don’t have my ticket yet, I do plan to get it tonight. I am serious about using this event to find a “female companion” too. I’m not looking for long term obviously, but this alone thing has gone on way too long. I mean - theoretically years, but actually it has only been 9 months (don’t worry it’s not what you think). And regardless, the music should be absolutely great. So basically, I can write off the entire weekend as far as getting anything done goes.

I also found out that my brother is coming to visit this week. Starting tomorrow actually. And not only him, but three of his friends too. But what are older brothers for? Clearly not respecting. :P No, but it should be a good time had by all.

In work related news: yesterday was very busy. I guess we were/are the only place in the city that has available accommodation. That makes us very popular. And I’m not trying to toot my own horn (I’d really like to know where that expression came from) but I am an awesome reservation agent. That’s right, I am an agent. To be quite honest, I think it would be great to be a spy or some other secret agent. Or a sniper. Oh man, to be a sniper. But alas, a computer geek it is and I am pretty happy with that if you want to know the truth.

And that is all of my wisdom for today, stay tuned next time for the Chronicle of Colin.

Cheers, rhuvok

Written by Colin Bate