Of scholarly activities.

Back even before Canada Day we had June 30. And this year, that was the date which I could first register for classes for the fall term. I can’t quite remember if I mentioned the whole Software Engineering debacle or not, but the long and the short of it is thus: The faculties of Computer Science and Engineering are offering a new degree programme that is accredited by both professional bodies. It is the Bachelor of Software Engineering - and like most or all engineering programs you basically have no choice as to the courses that you must take. I have a little under half of these classes already - the Computer Science half and I was trying to get some info on the possibility of doing that degree as well. Of course they designed the program with the idea that only first year students would be entering it staight out of high school and I guess they are - both of them. That’s right, the inaugural class of the BSwE has two people in it thus far.

So as it turns out, no one knows what the hell is going on with this program, everyone is telling me that it would be too complicated to just enter into it sideways as I was thinking. Especially since there are about 5 or 6 courses in this programme that haven’t even been created yet. and I have no idea whether or not they would be when I would need to take them. At this point I think that really all I’m looking for is a couple of the upper year industrial engineering courses like Project Management & Control and Decision & Risk Analysis - and of course the aforementioned yet-to-be-created software engineering classes. Useful information for entering the workforce which is really my true goal here. That being said… more school means less working, which may not be what I want either.

So in any case, I am going to be taking courses that will allow me to graduate with my CS degree. Which really could be any classes - but I’m taking CSCI 4134, CSCI 4171, CSCI 4192 and CSCI 6602 :P

Written by Colin Bate