Damn it

Clearly even though I spend 14+ hours a day in front of a computer I still can’t find time to post entries on here. An I had some worthy entries too. Obviously a belated Happy Canada Day is due. I actually had a really lazy Canada Day - I cleaned the kitchen (no small task let me tell you) and then I read. I did get down to see the fireworks which were better than last year, but it was something cold down on the waterfront. We had scoped a place on a relatively vacant Purdy’s Wharf - but despite all the walking in sandals downtown, I had a great time. On the way home we passed a section of Morris street that had been taped off by the Police and surrounded by various law enforcement vehicles. We speculated on the reason, but in the end I heard on the news that there had been a shooting there. That must have been some Canada Day celebration.

Written by Colin Bate