Party Time: The Durham Project

I made a quick run home this past weekend to attend a party that my brother was having at home. It was quite something let me tell you that. It was initially intended to be a gathering of friends with lots of alcohol and good times and catching up. I guess you could say that was what happened. Only way more than that.

I think that the attendance peaked at around 40 people - but there may have been more, I didn’t really get an accurate count. There were people out on the deck and at one point upwards of 12 people were in the pool at once. Of course, this was around 12:30 am and everyone was fully ripped. So I kept an eye on the pool making sure that no one drowned. No one did. There were a number of people there that my brother didn’t even know, and for a while there I thought that things could get out of hand. I’d like to think that my presence as a bouncer helped keep things in control. I also was bussing the empty bottles which prevented anything from breaking - although there were numerous spills. By about 3:30am, most people were either asleep in their cars or were watching TV in the living room. I think it was around this time that my parents decided that it was calm enough for them to go to bed. I was up for another hour until most people had either passed out or fallen asleep somewhere.

One of the biggest problems with having a party in the country where I am from is that you can’t just kick people out or tell them to go home, because they can’t drive and there is no other way for them to get anywhere. That being said, a couple of people did manage to convince a cab to come and get them, but that was a long wait and unnecessarily complicated. More still had arranged to have their parents pick them up and a couple might have even called their parents in the middle of the night. In any case, the house was a lovely mess.

Fortunately some of my brothers closer friends who had stayed the night were more than happy to lend a hand in cleaning up. All told it was a crazy night, but luckily nothing untoward happened.

Written by Colin Bate