No Luck

I got back from PCPC not too long ago and my iPod definitely still isn’t in. However, I was able to at get Krafty, my anti-apple friend to at least appreciate some of their products. I mean, even the most devoted skeptic would be impressed with their 23” Cinema Display. Every time that I go in there I find myself one step closer to buying a 17” iMac. They are definitely sexy. However, at $2900 they are also pricey. So if anyone is interested in paying $2000 for a two year old AMD 1.2Ghz Thunderbird that has been painted black with a textured paint and has had much luck in being a dependable computer than let me know. If that happens, then I might get one, otherwise… I’m going to keep trying to hone sonar! and echo! until I can sell them for big bucks. I am selling a copy of sonar! (scaled down) for $500 so I guess I’m on the right track. :)

Dec. 7, 2004 The Apple Display at PCPC is no longer sold - as they have upgraded their models. Apparently since they bought the model that is on display, it has dropped in value by about $8000.

Written by Colin Bate