Excuse me, I think you left your Algos midterm up my ...


That midterm definitely could have gone better. I think, because at the same time I realize that even had I known how to do every question on there, I still wouldn’t have been able to finish them all. I’m a methodical guy, I usually do things a bit slower than other people, but at the same time, my results are usually spot on. I’m like Bubblesort. Sure I get the job done right, but damn you don’t want me in there when n gets really large. But why waste my time rationalizing my absolutely awful showing this morning? What’s done is done and clearly there is nothing I can do about it. I only take consolation in the fact that everyone else felt the reaming as well. All I know is that there definitely weren’t any web-related questions on there. Oh my yearning for the working world. OK, I think that I am done now.

Written by Colin Bate