Yes, I did see this fine film last night. It was actually better than I had convinced myself it would be. The story was actually more than just “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”. However it should be mentioned that while I knew the basic premise of the Hulk when I went in I definitely am not a Hulk comic expert. Neither are most people who will go to see it. This might cause a bit of a problem because there were definitely some confusing parts of the movie and I’m not sure if that is because I don’t know the full story to begin with or just bad writing. I also would like to say that Jennifer Connolly did another top notch job acting opposite a mentally troubled leading character.

Special effects were pretty decent, I wasn’t as suspect of the Hulk CG character as I thought I was based on the trailers. Some things were a bit hard to swallow, but you could get past that. Also I thought I’d mention that there are a couple Apple products showcased in the movie. A 23” Cinema Display being one thing and a new iMac as well. Dell also made an appearance as well near the start of the movie, but you have to watch for it more carefully, it isn’t a easily discernable.

Written by Colin Bate