My new island retreat

Hamilton, Bermuda

Well, I’m not going to take long with this because it is Saturday evening and I’m at work. Long story short, no Internet at home now because I moved. I live beside the pool above. I was supposed to get Internet today, but my ISP – Logic Communications – had some “technical difficulties” and now I have to wait until Monday. Not the end of the world, but it seemed to me that they just forgot to process my form and it was almost the end of the day.

However, I guess that is OK, because I also rented a scooter today and I plan to explore this tiny island a bit more tomorrow. Hopefully. And now without Internet at home, there is no excuse. Photos will follow once I get the Internet rolling at home.

I did manage to take in the Bermuda Christmas Boat Parade tonight which is why I’m in town… well that and renting the scooter and supposedly picking up my wireless modem. But I ran into some co-workers and had an early dinner and then caught the first part of the boat parade. Now to leave town before everyone else tries to as well. Cheers.