Mid-month update

Pembroke, Bermuda

So I realized that I haven’t said much about my progress lately and I figure that since there are a number of people who are following said progress, I owe an update.

The fact is, all is well and nothing exciting is happening (food-wise). I’ve settled into a bit of a rhythm with my chilli. For the past three weeks or so, I’ve been making a huge batch of chilli at the beginning of the week and have been living off of that. And not just dinner, mostly breakfast and lunch actually. I’m also making much more use of cottage cheese, again, mostly at breakfast.

As you can see I’m opting for the fried eggs on chilli and cottage cheese with tomato. It is a great protein rich breakfast which really holds me. I’m also honing my chilli recipe which is never the same twice. Always trying to make improvements.

Last I checked, I’m down about 15lbs since starting and probably half a pant size smaller (although I’m not specifically measuring the latter). I’m also not weighing myself everyday. Mostly because I can’t be bothered, and the intra-week fluctuations aren’t worth worrying about. My bingeing is still on Sunday, which is working out alright. I still always feel terrible Sunday night/Monday morning, but that quickly changes.

I have a team member visiting from Canada and he brought three boxes of Timbits from Toronto on his way down (which we had explicitly asked for). I held one in my hand for a while before putting in my binge box. It took some serious will power, but fortunately I have more of that now.

I’m also doing some planning on how I can modify my lifestyle more sustainably to a Slow/Low Carb Diet which would allow the odd low carb item and low-sugar fruit. Most of the time it isn’t as issue, but particularly here in Bermuda, I don’t have a huge amount of options for restaurants, and some places have one dish that works for me and others don’t have any. And when colleagues are ordering food in, I sometimes find myself unable to get anything. There is one place: Coconut Rock which has a great Lemon Pepper Chicken which I get with vegetables and salad.

It is almost a good thing that work keeps me so busy, because idle hands mean more eating. I’m giving myself to the end of this month on this diet unmodified, and then I’m going to try some experimentation of my own to see if I can find something that works just as well, if not better than what I’m doing more. Especially since as I get more fit I’ve been building muscle mass, and have more desire to get out and get exercise, which obviously helps on the other side of the food equation.

Written by Colin Bate