Spicing up the chilli

Pembroke, Bermuda

I tried to relax things a bit for March, but I couldn’t do it. I’m too addicted to the results to stop now.

This has turned from an experiment into a way of life for me now. I don’t consider this to be something I am forcing myself to do, but rather something that I genuinely enjoy doing. I’m still existing off of a lot of chilli, but thanks to a co-worker (Ted), I have managed to revitalize that as well. I was thinking about something new that I could add or change in my weekly chilli and he suggested chorizo. So I went to the store expecting to gut some sausages, but found that they sold packages of ground chorizo. A bit more expensive than the ground turkey or beef, but having added a pound of it along with the other meats this time around, I will definitely be doing that again.

It is very good and changes the whole flavour of the chilli. I also added lentils into the chilli this time around. Altogether it feels like a new meal for me which I will probably keep doing for a few more weeks until I’m tired of that and will need to mix it up again.

One variation this week was on Tuesday, which happened to be Shrove Tuesday or for you people with less specific religious inclinations, Pancake Tuesday. This same co-worker brought his griddle in and was making pancakes for everyone. Since pancakes aren’t really on my allowed list, I tried to find and alternative. I found a couple of recipes which aren’t really worth repeating that involved egg and protein powder. I mixed it up and brought it in, and while not great, it did the trick. Eating them with cottage cheese instead of syrup was a bit of a killer though.

Only 10lbs from my (secondary) weight goal. And my guess is that I’m about one size away from my primary goal. I ended up buying a pair of Bermuda shorts (pink ones) in my target size. So while they don’t fit me yet, I’ll keep trying them on from time to time to see if I’m there. I did also buy a couple new pairs of jeans, so I hope I get some chance to wear them at my current size before I have to replace them. All said… things are going well.