Chilli Time

Pembroke, Bermuda

Hasn’t been much to say lately, slow carb continues to go well, but isn’t particularly exciting. I managed to resist through a group meal at Robin Hood last Friday which involved nachos. I ended up grabbing lunch from there on my binge day to make up for it.

The kettlebell is going well. I feel I’m on my way to getting to 75 reps in a single set. It is my hands which seem to be the bottleneck. :) I’ve also started a routine of pushups, but it is a bit too early to say how well that is going. To be honest, just being able to do a real pushup is amazing for me, since I don’t remember the last time I could.

The purpose of this post however, was to talk about the chilli I made last night. In short, it was fantastic. I had never made chilli before, and when I was buying beans this weekend, I noticed a recipe on the side of a can of dark red kidney beans. It looked easy and the ingredients were all easily obtainable (some in that same aisle), so I decided to give it a try.

True to form though, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, I left out some things, added some others, but in the end, it was a great success. It took me about 30 minutes to sort out and prepare and then it needed to simmer for an hour. An hour is a long time to wait when hungry and smelling chilli. It was worth it though, as it tasted great and is compliant with the slow carb diet, full of beans, veggies and meat. And I have a couple of helpings of leftovers for quick meals this week. I might see about getting a larger pot and perhaps making double batches to store up through the weeks in the future.