Late night swim

The pool was quite warm after a week of hot days – reaching 30°C Friday. So around 10pm I went on to the deck to escape the heat of the house and read my book and thought why not go for a swim since the water was warmer than the air at this point. I was in the pool for about 25 minutes just enjoying the quiet before my youngest brother Devon noticed that I was swimming and joined me. Then believe or not but my mother also got in (she normally finds the pool a little cold and doesn’t stay in very long). It wasn’t long before the rest of my family was in too. Adam was home for the weekend, so it was my entire immediate family in the pool around 11pm. Not only that but we were in for at least 30 minutes at this point. I must say it was a nice family experience together.

This story was brought to you by the letters S and P and the number 6.