Shad Valley 2005

Today was the first of two days for my Shad Valley seminars. Mike’s site has a bit more information on what Shad Valley is all about. My tiny contribution (tiny only relative to the work that Mike has to put in) is to teach a handful of the Shad kids (12 this year) about the web and Flash. Looking in my archives I realize that I have never mentioned the fact that I have been teaching seminars for Shad Valley going on 4 years now. It started off with a one day Flash lecture the first year and quickly escalated to a 4 day web design lecture in year two. Last year I organized 4 days, but only taught for two of them because I had class. And this year I only have two days to do which is pretty easy because I have plenty to talk about to fill the 6 hours total.

Instead of listing all the things I am talking about this year, just take a look at the Shad Valley 2005 Web/Flash Lectures page I put up with the Syllabus.