Long, hot week

Clothes hanging on a line It has been a really hot week here in Pictou County and from what I have been hearing, the whole province of Nova Scotia as well. Monday and Tuesday which were supposed to be rainy just turned out to deliver that moisture in the form of depressing humidity that essentially cut you down unless you were fortunate enough to have air conditioning. Even the pool was little refuge and only served to aggravate the dampness.

Yesterday and today weren’t as bad with the humidity but with temperatures above 30°C the heat didn’t let up. Yesterday I think the heat got to me and decided that I should mow the lawn. Granted, the lawn needed mowing but yesterday afternoon was not the time to do it. Unfortunately I don’t have any sweaty, fly-bitten photos this time, but I did grad a shot of the one remaining flower/weed that survived the wrath of the blades when I mowed around the basketball court.

Single yellow flower

Written by Colin Bate