Holy cats Batman!

The crisis is over. The power was out for about four hours today, but everything is back in working order now. Tonight is Movie Night! And you know what that means? … movies I guess… two of them. :P Whatever. But seriously, it is Tuesday so what else am I supposed to say. In fact the only reason that I am writing this is so that I can replace what I wrote yesterday. And seriously, if you didn’t see what I had yesterday about that name I found in the system, you should definitely do that. It is worth a smile, if you don’t break out laughing.

I’m thinking about changing the colour of my links on the page because I find that some people are missing the links I occasionally put in this main page because they are so similar to the text colour. I was thinking maybe blue or an orange. I will experiment over the next couple days, so worry not if you notice that. Not that you would care, or even ask me what was up. Where’s my stamp? “So Alone.” :P

Written by Colin Bate