Life is Fine

It’s Saturday and it’s raining. That shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Mike, deal with this will you. It doesn’t seem fair that I would be trapped inside at work all week and then on the weekend, be trapped inside at home. But I did get out earlier to see the Bourne Identity. I must say that it was a good movie. I was wondering if Matt Damon could pull off the role of a special agent, and he did. Quite well actually, so I would definitely recommend that you go see it if you are looking for some entertainment this weekend.

… I must have been unhappy in high school.I was going to go get some groceries tonight, but as I mentioned earlier, it is raining and therefore I am not going outside. Ever. Well… until it stops raining. I was/am cleaning my room and I found my old journals from high school (back when I used a pen and paper instead of PHP and MySQL :P) and went walking down nostalgia lane. Of course this wasn’t a very long walk because I was never the most faithful guy when it came to writing in those things. I had two books and both only contained writing on the first dozen or so pages and that was it. The last entry was from Sept 16, 2000! So I sat down and wrote a few pages bringing the book up to date. I have discovered from reading these books that I must have been unhappy in high school. It sounds like people really pissed me off… I guess little has changed there… :P But seriously I feel a hell of a lot happier than I seemed to in those journals. I would like to thank all of the friends that I have made since starting university… you guys are likely part of the reason that I am so much better off now. Cheers. Not to say that I didn’t have friends in high school, but it was different then.

If anyone has ever played six degrees of separation, or whatever you call it when you try to find a path from one actor to another or one movie to another using people who starred in particular movies along the way… well I have a link that you should know about: The Oracle: Star Links. This reference is good when you are really interested in how close two people can be. I have been playing this at work with my friend Andrew and he is actually the one that showed me this page - of course it doesn’t compare to doing it yourself… but it is cool. :P

(CB)rhuvok out. :P

Written by Colin Bate