One of those days...

Please note that tomorrow, June 11, there will be a brief power outage at around 9:00 AM for 4 hours (or at least that is what the power company says). I will powering down my server here at around 8:20 or so when I go to work and it will be down until at least 1:00 PM possibly later if I can’t get home to turn it back on. During this time, some graphics and all of my photo collection will be unavailable. I doubt this will affect borg so the rest of my site should still be available. Thank You. I must say that today has started off well. And well, I mean terrible. It started off with me getting up at 6:00 AM (although, I can only blame myself for that). Then when I am getting dressed, the fire alarm goes off. That wasn’t that, bad, just a nuisance - although I doubt Kieran liked it. In fact, two very funny lines came out of that experience. The first was from Ben when asked if they were cooking, “Yea, if by cooking you mean sleeping.” And the second was from one of the Dal Security officers “You should ask your RA to give cooking lessons, because it look like someone was trying to make French Toast, but it went all to hell from there.” Pure gold. And to top it off, when I was walking to work, I was almost hit by a car, I mean very almost hit by a car. Stupid drivers that don’t signal a turn and then make it anyway - at the last possible second, very fast and don’t look out for people crossing the road. It is really quite amazing how far and high I can jump when my personal safety is threatened.

harry kuntzOK, I was just closing out some rooms around Summer Orientation when I came across the name you see in that picture. I swear that there was no tampering of any kind, I just took a screen shot and cropped. I’m scared to think that this might actually be someone’s name, but you never know. Smells of a joke to me though. Now this is gold. :P

It turns out that one of my co-workers has actually had to call this person whom I’m told is a senior. Still sounds iffy… I hope he pronounces it KOONTZ.

Written by Colin Bate