Getting settled

Southampton, Bermuda

After roughly three weeks I think that I am finally feeling like I am living here. I’m still not completely settled because I am still living in temporary accommodation, but I have a place lined up and that makes me feel better about things. I also took care of the other essentials when living and working in a new country, like setting up a bank account and getting a local mobile phone.

I’ve also managed to get to know some of my co-workers a bit better, which is inevitable given that I spend most of my day at work. And not just within my department, but getting to know a nice cross section of people working throughout the entire company. And I’ve also started exploring Hamilton a bit more. Just a bit so far, but it shouldn’t be long to cover more of it, it really isn’t a huge place. That said, I am a creature of routine. It might sound weird from someone who has lived in several different countries in the past couple years alone, but I like having a pattern. So as my pattern evolves over the next while, I will try to keep everyone who is interested apprised. But be warned that I don’t really have as much time as I once did, so my updates may be a bit sparse. And I will try to refrain from as much boring introspection as I can.