Planned changes

Southampton, Bermuda

I have decided whenever I have a chance in the next couple of weeks that I am going to alter my website a bit. I’ve always had an aversion to the standard weblog formatted site, but at certain times I’ve bowed down to the concept. I was hoping to go with something a bit less traditional this time around, but I’m not sure it ended up the way that I wanted it to. I’ve seen some people struggle with the navigational concepts, and while I don’t want to be just another site cut from the same mold, there is a reason they are popular, and familiarity breeds ease of use. We’ll see.

I’m also expecting to start ramping up my geeky content over the next few months/years :) so there should be fewer emo posts and more content that random people might be interested in. Again, we’ll see.

Written by Colin Bate