Fun Links 2015-07-03

In the interest of giving people something they want to hear, I’m going to focus on some interesting NuGet packages for .NET today. Again, like always, I post these links as being potentially interesting, and not as an endorsement or anything like that.

Hangfire is a background task manager for .NET applications. Backed by persistent storage, you can use it from any type of .NET app. Supports delayed and recurring tasks as well. It is open-source, but there are commercial options with support and “pro” features.

Simple Injector
Simple Injector is as the name implies a simple dependency injection library that is a lot faster than some of the bigger names in this space. It is also quite full-featured compared to some of the other strictly performance-based containers. It also claims to provide powerful diagnostics to help sort out configuration issues. I know that would be a useful functionality as I’ve patched other IoC libraries to get even the most basic diagnostic information.

LINQ to Twitter
LINQ to Twitter is an interesting use of the LINQ querying style to communicate with the Twitter API. If you are working with Twitter or the Twitter API in your application, then this might be a more expressive way of working with it.