Fun links 2015-06-26

This week I’m doing something a bit different, this week my links are all to videos outlining some new features and functionality surrounding Visual Studio 2015 and C# 6.

Most of the people reading this use Visual Studio on a day to day basis, so it felt like a good subject for some fun links that are hopefully also educational.

Visual Studio 2015: Building JavaScript Apps with AngularJs
Just because I’m focusing on Visual Studio doesn’t mean I can’t also focus on the web. This video demonstrates some of the new web-focused features of VS 2015, specifically those geared toward the popular Angular framework.

What’s New In C# 6.0
A simple condensed video that shows how new language constructs can simplify your code and reduce the amount of boilerplate that is needed.

Visual Studio: An IDE For All Your Modern Devices & Services
This video talks about the IDE itself and how it fits in better with your modern life. From integration with various services to better support for touch devices and multiple monitors, find out what you have to look forward to when moving to VS 2015.

And as a bonus link (which is not a video) I’ll send you to look at Visual Studio Code, which is a new light(er) weight code editor designed for web based applications. It has many of the things you may like from Visual Studio without all of the extra features which you may not need. Plus it works on Linux and Mac as well as Windows.