Fun Links 2014-10-10

More JavaScript today. :)

Not like the one you had last night, this nightmare is wrapper for PhantomJS (headless browser) which provides a more simplified API which allows for high level testing to be done much more easily.

The Definitive Guide to the JavaScript Generators
I’ve spoken about promises before as an asynchronous flow control mechanism. For the sake of academic completeness, I should also mention generators. Since these typically involve special execution modes in Node.js, I haven’t really played with them, but I did find an article which does a pretty good job at explaining what they are all about. They offer a slightly different set of abilities over promises, so they are worth looking at, although I suspect it will still be a while before we see them in the browser.

Angular Chart
Based on Chart.js which I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned before. I’d ruled it out as an option for OA as it didn’t support interactivity (like hover), but it does seem to now, and this project is an AngularJS wrapper around the charts which allows for simple inclusion and data updating. The main difference from Highcharts is that it uses canvas rather than svg to render the chart. Oh, that and Chart.js has an MIT license.