Fun Links 2014-10-31

Happy Hallowe’en! If I were organized enough, I would have done a more themed collection of links today. But as it is, I don’t have much of a link backlog and so it will be a bit random I’m afraid.

Draft is an online set of tools for writers. Particularly useful for getting feedback and edits to your work online. Supports posting to numerous cloud services and blog platforms. Lots of other features as well, which you can check out in their documentation. Definitely worth a look if you do any kind of writing.

HTML5 file uploading with drag & drop and preview as an AngularJS directive. We currently do this a jQuery plugin on the Orbis Access site, but with our move to AngularJS, this might be something to look at. There is a demo site linked from the github project page.

Sparkle Share
This is a distributed file synchronization tool based on top of Git. It is meant to be similar to Dropbox, but something you can host yourself (assuming you can host a Git server). You can also use Bitbucket or Github to host your projects. It only supports SSH keys for authentication, so if your server doesn’t support that (like the one Orbis Access is using), then you might be a bit out of luck. Might be useful if you were using a Git or Mercurial repository to sync non-development files between your personal computers. There are clients for Windows, Mac and Gnome-based Linux systems.

Written by Colin Bate