Fun Links 2014-10-03

Today my links are front-end related but they aren’t more JavaScript libraries, but rather tools which can help with the design, development or testing of web applications.

Finch helps solve the problem of testing your in-development application on devices out in the world. Or simply sharing your work with clients, etc. without needing to set up a staging or development server online. Simply connect your local server to Finch and then point others to your Finch URL.

Pattern Lab
Design patterns are important, so take the time to identify the patterns in your project. Pattern Lab can help you do this by defining patterns at different levels (atoms, molecules, organisms) and combining them with templates into something useful.

From what I can tell, Mixture is a visual tool for setting up and working on front-end projects without needing to string together a bunch of libraries and tools. There is both a Windows and Mac version. Their site doesn’t do a great job explaining their value proposition, but if it is what I think, it could be very convenient, particularly for prototyping new ideas quickly.