Fun Links 2013-07-05

Similar to Meteor, this is a system which will allow you to build full feature applications in a very short amount of time. They are selling it for $99 at the moment to help pay for development, but if you read the tutorial on DailyJS, you can get it for free. Had a brief look, good for what it is intended but outside of that you’ll probably need to go straight to the underlying node.js, and I’m not sure how simple that would be.

Ink File Picker
SaaS for uploading/obtaining content from a multitude of sources: Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, webcam, regular browser upload, and sending them to your Amazon S3 account.

Like IrisCouch from last time, this is a Database-as-a-Service offering, but with extras. Basically, you can replace your entire server-side application with Firebase and have your rich client app talk directly to it. Angular plugins exist. Free while in beta and for small amounts of usage.