Fun Links 2013-06-21

A bit of a random selection today:

A fast key-value storage library written at Google. Think SQLite without the SQL. Performance is the main selling point, but it has some neat features like transient snapshots, forward and backward iteration, and batch operations.

Build your own custom icon fonts. Choose from hundreds of icons in various different sets to build up the icon font you want. We’ve used this tool to create the icon fonts for the public site.

Iris Couch
Get your own couch in the cloud. Based on Apache CouchDB this IaaS company only charges you if you accrue more than $5 for a month and the data transfer is free, you only pay for storage and read/write operations. Recently acquired by nodejitsu, but I’m not sure what if anything will be changing in their core offering.

That’s it for today.

Feedback and discussion welcome.