Fun Links 2013-07-19

A (quite popular) JavaScript task runner, similar to NAnt in concept, but with a more active ecosystem. Use it to watch your less files and compile them on change, or jshint your JavaScript files when you save them. Very plugin-based and easy to get up and running, particularly if you use Yeoman to bootstrap your projects.

Dropbox Datastore
Everyone’s favourite cloud storage service is now offering developers access to datastores which live in people’s Dropboxes. With APIs for JavaScript, iOS and Android, you can sync your app’s data for a particular user in a convenient manner. There is also an Angular wrapper that someone has written here:

Hoping this one makes it through the web filters. Voyeur is a DOM traversal library which is an alternative to jQuery if all you are looking for is the DOM traversal and manipulation.

Chicago Boss
The Erlang web framework. Want a fast, fault-tolerant website with a low system footprint and built-in mail server? Look no further than Chicago Boss. All of your functional and concurrent programming goodness rolled into an easy to use web platform.