Fun Links 2013-03-08

A platform as a service (PaaS) provider which provides free sandbox access to build apps. A great place to host prototypes and other apps in development that you want available on the wider internet. More unix focused, it does provide a nice range of service types. If you find yourself paying for a whole virtual server that you need to maintain for one or two apps, then this might be the answer. Easy deployment via a command line interface.

Throne of JS summary
A nice summary of some of the information coming out of the Throne of JS conference last year which got all of the authors of the main JavaScript frameworks together to discuss the state of JavaScript application development. Good comparison of some of big players out there.

Take one of the main JavaScript libraries from the above link and make it more “opinionated” and you get Thorax, the “framework to build large scale web applications.” While you are in this space, the guys who created it (WalmartLabs) have a bunch of other utilities and libraries available under the Spumko banner.

Another language/platform which compiles to JavaScript. The focus is on removing the separation between the client and server side. Seems to be Windows friendly.