Fun Links 2013-02-22

Yes, it has been another long break since I last sent an email with distracting links for people to look at. And I promise that they won’t all be JavaScript related today. A couple will, but the others are actually links to other languages entirely, ones which while I haven’t really had a lot of chance to look into, seem interesting.

A site which lists and categorizes small (< 5K) JavaScript libraries. The idea being instead of using something large and bulky like jQuery, you can just pick and choose the functionality you need. The concept is kind of like Ender, Bower or Component, but without the package management aspect.

An open-source platform for building JavaScript web applications. Blurs the line between the server and the client and supports hot code pushes.

A function meta-programming aware language build on top of the Erlang VM.

Croc Programming Language
A small, dynamically-typed language most closely related to Lua, with C-style syntax.

Written by Colin Bate