Fun Links 2013-04-05

25 Useful JavaScript Tools for Designers/Developer
Consider this 25 links in 1. A list of nice looking JavaScript tools that people might find useful or interesting. I haven’t verified all of them as being “good” but at a glance, they all seem to scratch real itches.

Callbacks are imperative, promises are functional: Node’s biggest missed opportunity
Good comparison of promises vs. callbacks and how and why they are different.

Fairly comprehensive MVC framework for node.js. Think Rails for JavaScript. I’m pretty excited about this. Has other nautically themes components as part of a larger ecosystem: rigging, Mast, Waterline, etc.

And while I’m at it, some news about one of the PaaS services I mentioned before. The dotCloud service is discontinuing their free Sandbox service (which is a bit unfortunate) but they are open sourcing their sandbox platform and giving it to the community. I suspect we will see not only new offerings of this service elsewhere (in addition to self-hosting options) but improvements to the platform as a whole. Read more here: