Flash Zebra

Vancouver, BC

At work this past week, there was a need for someone to take some photos around the office with some of my coworkers as models. Long story short, I ended up being asked to help out with the photos. So I brought in all of my equipment which included my off-camera flash setup (light stand, umbrella, PC-sync cord, etc.) in order to a somewhat professional job of it. At the moment I have a long cord which I run between my camera and my flash unit. This isn’t a problem when I have things setup in my apartment as I tend not to move my stuff around all that often, and when I do, I am not in any hurry.

However, when shooting people in an office environment, it was somewhat inconvenient to have to connect and disconnect my cord all the time to move around. Most of the off-camera strobe people tend to advocate the use of wireless triggers for their flash work. The big player in this field is Pocket Wizard, but they are a tad pricey with the receivers and transmitters all being over $200. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some cheap triggers known as the eBay triggers which work in the same way, only not as reliably. I decided that I wanted to go wireless too, so I compromised with something in the middle, the CyberSync from AlienBees. When I was ordering those, I realized that I would need an adapter between the receiver and my flash unit. Their site recommend FlashZebra for all of my cord needs.

And I’m glad they did. It is like a flash cord mecca. If you need any sort of lighting cord or adapter imaginable, then they likely sell it or can get it for you. And above all, their customer service is great. It is a small startup company, but it delivers great quality cables at a great price–quickly. Definitely recommended.