So very busy

Vancouver, BC

Things have been quite busy at work lately, with 14 or 15 hour days not being uncommon. I have finished up one particular project which was causing a lot of that, and I am now focusing my energy on another project which I find if not more interesting at the moment, certainly more enjoyable.

And there is a light–I’m not going to say at the end of the tunnel, but perhaps a crack in the side of the tunnel. I have booked a trip to Edmonton for a few days in November. I’m really looking forward both to the break from work, but more importantly visiting Mike, my friend from Dalhousie. I was also born in Edmonton and the only time that I’ve been back since I was less than a year old was for a week in 1991. Yea, I was nine and I certainly didn’t appreciate it as much as I could have. So this is my chance to soak it in. That soaking may well take place through a camera lens, but so be it. It may well take place in a series of restaurants and pubs as well, and so be that too. :)

So if I don’t post anything before I venture into the heart of coldness that is Edmonton, know that I’m still kicking, but also working away diligently.

Written by Colin Bate