Europe Photos

West Hampstead, London

Graduation Adventure

After my graduation ceremony on July 5, I took a trip to Spain, Germany, Austria and Montenegro to take advantage of the fact that I was already in Europe. After all, I’m not sure when I’ll be back. These photos are hosted on Flickr.


Back in Spain after the summer — not as many photos of the day to day, but some trips were taken.

  • Valencia — Trip to Valencia with my aunt and uncle. [25-27 January 2007]
  • Toledo — Day trip to Toledo with a large group of my friends. [4 March 2007]
  • End of project — March 30 Nenad, Pablo and I celebrate being finished.


My brief visit with my friends Ken and Delphine in Belgium resulted in some nice photos.

Wonders of Europe

Germany Side-trip

Madrid / Leganés