Embedding with Go and level up your command line

Hamilton, Bermuda

Nothing too earth shattering this time around. Hopefully everyone is doing well. If you are a command-line fan, there are a couple of links for you. As always, let me know if there are any fun free or cheap tools or services that you want me to include or investigate.

Portable apps with Go and Next.js logo or screenshot

Portable apps with Go and Next.js

How-to guide for embedding a web interface in your Go app. A tutorial that demonstrates embedding a web UI into a Go app. I’ve always liked Go for the ease of building single executables to distribute. Now you can even embed regular files into your executable meaning you could package up a full static web UI and serve that along with an API that it can use. Not quite an Electron app, but in some cases even more useful.

zx logo or screenshot


A tool for writing better scripts. Created by Google, this command line helper can be used instead of bash to create shell-style scripts. It sits on top of Node.js and provides a bunch of convenient functionality. If you’ve ever written a shell script in any language, you should definitely check this out.

usql logo or screenshot


Universal command-line interface for SQL databases. Inspired by PostgreSQL’s psql tool, this command-line powerhouse can connect to a large number of different databases, including MS SQL Server and some non-relational ones as well. If you need to work with multiple database types, this could be a handy tool. Or it might just be a better (or only) option for some of the databases it works with.

Angular v12 is now available logo or screenshot

Angular v12 is now available

With this release, we have nullish coalescing in templates, and notably, dropping of IE11 support. About time. Also, the old View Engine for templates is now deprecated, in favor of Ivy.