Day 3: So far so good

Pembroke, Bermuda

Weight as of this morning: 265.7lbs

That is a roughly five pound drop since I started. Hopefully this trend will continue. It is certainly encouraging. I know at this range though that weight can fluctuate by a bit, so I’m going to need more than three data points to see how things are going.

Last night I ate at a local Tex-Mex restaurant called Rosa’s. Not a bad place on this diet, you could probably formulate a few different meals there. Any of their dishes which come with a “starch” can mean beans. They also tend to have mixed vegetables with most dishes. I had their Smothered Chicken minus the two types of cheese it normally has. I realized after starting into it that it also had a sweet BBQ sauce on it. Not a lot and I managed to scrape off some, but I guess if I were to get that again, I’d also specify no sauce.