Year 6

In the universe which measures time since the creation of this website, it is now year six. I guess if such a universe existed, the new year would likely be something more significant like the date I bought the domain, or the beginning of the message.board, which would put the start of the year a bit later. In any case I have been at this for a long time. Arguably longer than I have done almost anything else in my life. Of course, the past year and a half have been pretty weak, but I still update it more frequently than some sites I’ve seen.

I think it is most interesting that the forum on my site which was originally designed to allow communication among my friends when we were away from university the summer after my first year, is more or less dead. Despite my intentions, the forum was at its peak when we were all living in the same city, in some cases, the same apartment. Now that we are all living in different corners of the Earth, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that it would go unused, but I guess when people get away, they are less apt to stay in touch. I know that is true for me. I did manage to see a couple of my friends when I was home over the holidays and for that I was grateful. But now I am back to reality and procrastinating by writing on here, which in all honesty is how this site was born and maintained all these years.

Written by Colin Bate