What have I done?

It started out innocently enough… a trip to the mall to pick up a DVD. And not just any DVD, but one that I have wanted for a really long time. One that I have already watched like 20 times and will likely watch another 50+ times this term. But this is when it went horribly wrong. While in MusicWorld picking up the DVD, I noticed that the second season of CSI was available as a box set. So I pondered my choices and decided to get that too. However, on the advice of Jon, I held off for a better price at Futureshop. Oh Futureshop. What can I say, I love it and hate it all at the same time. Sure it has many sexy products that I want, but said products tempt me despite their hefty price tags. Evil.

And last night the dark side won. After a bit of looking around, I did get the CSI Box Set and a 500 watt 5-Disc DVD Player/Home Theatre System. Next on my list is a new TV. That will require a trip to Walmart. However before anyone says anything about my spending, I was replacing two existing sound systems with this purchase. I had one dead speaker on my stereo and my computer speakers are starting to go. Both of these have served me well over the past number of years and with this system I have replaced them both. Good times.

Written by Colin Bate