Labour Day

I’ll tell you that there is nothing like a holiday. I actually slept in today for the first time in a while and it was very good. Very good indeed. Something else that turned out pretty well was the frat party. When I first arrived things were pretty quiet. Close friends and residents of the house. But I left for a bit and when I came back there were a hella lot of people. And not just guys (like most of the CS-related parties that I have been to) but at least half female. So I stood by the bar and just watched as people were ordering drinks all around me. It was quite busy. I even got a chance to chat with a few of the women there - mostly frosh and I heard from one of them that she was from Ontario, so I assumed that her friends might likely be as well. And from what I heard walking about, mostly BComm students as well. Well I guess that explains it… clearly we were the only CS students.

And for those of you who don’t already know this, my brother is now a member of the Faculty of Computer Science here at Dal. This is his first year so he is doing the Frosh thing right now. Welcome to Dalhousie Adam.

Written by Colin Bate