Wet and Wild

Last night we had a heavy snowfall warning and a rain warning and today I got to witness what that meant. And as someone who tries to avoid the out of doors as a general rule, I was out sloshing around a fair bit today.

To be quite honest, I haven’t seen as much water in the streets of Halifax since the hurricane. Not only did it rain a lot last night and today, but it did so after snowing and remaining just around the zero degree mark. So we had a melt and rain and a mess and oh my. Part of me was “I’m glad I don’t have to drive in this.” and the rest of me was “I wish I didn’t have to walk in this.” And of course… all the while in the back of my mind was “I wish I was asleep in bed.”

In any case, it made for a messy day and I look forward to the insanity when it all freezes and no one can remain standing. Until then - stay dry.

Written by Colin Bate