Charity Ball

Last night was the 14th annual DSU Charity Ball. This year they were raising money for the Atlantic Canada division of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. I’m not sure what the grand total was, but the auctions raised around $3000 for this worthwhile cause. Like last year where one of the “Dates with a DSU executive” was auctioned off for around $500, there was another high bidding round this year - Jenny Cooper, the first year member-at-large went for $700. Props also go out to the lighting crew who did an excellent job making the McInnes room look like a nice place.

As usual there was free wine and large amounts of time where people were just sitting around trying to figure out what was going on. The buffet dinner was good - chicken Kiev, but the blue lighting did kind of make certain food look a bit unusual. There was a sad representation of computer science students there - me. Later on Geoff Johnston showed up, but that was about it. However, that might not be a total bad thing, and everyone there looked very dapper in their formal attire. Personally I had a wonderful time, and there is nothing like an excuse to pull out the suit and dress shoes. The canned music that played throughout dinner was great - acid jazz and the live entertainment was provided by the Mellotones. If you have never been, you should definitely consider it for next year. Of course, they don’t advertise it very well at all… so watch for a few posters in the SUB or on in early February.

Written by Colin Bate