Wednesdays kind of suck. Not all of them, but this term I have two classes then I go to work for 5 hours doing something that I more or less hate. Fair enough it puts a bit of spending money in my pocket, it’s on campus and I do enjoy the people I work with. It could be worse, but oh yea, I hate it. But the crap day that is Wednesday is made a lot better when I get home and read some thing like this from Penny Arcade:

One of the other two sexual configurations is dreadfully mundane, I’m afraid - asexual reproduction. Nothing to write home about here. It’s just like masturbating, except that when you get done there’s somebody else in the room. The whole thing is pretty crazy. What would you talk about? It’s not like you can deny what you do in your spare time.

In fact you should read the whole thing it is quite humourous. Unless you don’t like to laugh, which is possible. Sick. But possible. In any case I’m just glad that I don’t have anything due tomorrow.

Written by Colin Bate