I’m sure that by now everyone has heard something about Janet Jackson’s nipple. I didn’t watch the Superbowl, and to be honest I didn’t really know it was on until after the fact, but I do listen to the radio and I have been reading online about the “wardrobe snafu” that occurred during the half time show.

At first I thought… it was unlikely that it was an accident, but who knows… I haven’t seen it. I’ve also heard rumours that a CBS official OK’d it, but then denied it. That seems likely to me. But what it seems to have boiled down to is that there are some pissed off senators who think that TV is getting too vulgar and the FCC needs to crack down on it. I think that it a load of crap. I think it is good that we are slowly un-demonizing the human body - especially the female body which has traditionally been hidden in mystery. Other cultures still don’t allow women to show their ankles and whatnot, but I’m not going into that discussiong because it is steeped in religon and gender confusion.

Men can go topless no problem. Women can’t. If it had been Janet who disrobed Justin, nobody would have really cared. I mean, I’m sure that Justin has nice nipples and all, but I really don’t think that anyone would really make a scene about it - even though he is a popular recording artist as well. But as soon as those nipples belong to a woman - bam! that’s a problem. I realize that they are often covered as a comfort - but what makes them any different? I really think that society as a whole would benefit from a more sexually liberated attitude. I realize that there are more and less appropriate ways of doing this, but a healthy knowledge as a child in my experience only makes you more respectful and accepting. It is usually those who are shielded from it that start to develop problems.

My two cents for what that’s worth in todays economy. Not that it has much sway from a workoholic computer scientist.

Liberally yours, rhuvok.

Written by Colin Bate