Warehouse Blowout

Cost of a ticket: $10

Tickets sold: 120+

Money we saved by not paying the band because it wasn’t the one advertised: $600

Consoles given away: 3

Beer Anne knocked over when she won the Gamecube: 4

Watching Dr. Grundke accept his new PS2: priceless.

So there was a bit of an issue with the band. Apparently they cancelled on us a week and a half ago and the Warehouse felt it wasn’t necessary to tell us even though we were paying for them. I’m using us as in the royal us, because I didn’t have anything to do with organizing this event, for that kudos go out to Sean Smith and Patrick LaRoche.

Other than that band issue, the night went very well. The turnout was pretty impressive considering we are in the meat of crunch time at the end of term.