I would like to invite everyone out to the Grawood tonight from 9 until 1 for a night of techno and house. Featuring Idris with support from DJ Sputnik and Merrill. The cost is $3 and you just can’t beat that for 4 hours of floor shaking beats. I was commissioned to do the promotion flyers for this event, so check it out.

I had a lot of fun at the Geek Beer last night. There weren’t as many people as usual, and at one point I drove down to Cleves with Josh to get Ping Pong balls. All in all, I enjoyed myself. Oh yes, and a free slice of pizza.

I am going to see Resident Evil today, so I will let you kow what I think of it. I have never played the game, and I have heard mixed review about the movie - some from people who haven’t even seen it, but I will be the judge of whether I like it. :)

Written by Colin Bate