Happy St. Patricks Day

Well this is the second year in the last five, that I haven’t been in Europe for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not trying to brag, just that it seems that this time brings me a bit of nostalga. Oh well. I have some some good friends here to spend it with and that is even more important.

As for Vexant last night: I had a great time. There weren’t that many people there, which is on par for any electronic event held at a bar, but towards the end there was at times a fairly large group up dancing. I think that all of the artists did an excellent job. Merrill and DJ Sputnik were both great and unfortunately had a tough crowd to please. Thanks to Devin and Courageous Productions for this event.

If you are a sucker for action or Milla Jovovich is scant outfits then I definitely recommend you take in Resident Evil, the latest in the gamut of video games turned movies. If you have some sort of aversion towards zombies or super intelligent computers, then you can take this off your list, but to everyone else, I would definitely recommend that you go see this one. Considering that the movie was based off of a video game, I would say that the story is fairly well developed and the action is definitely up to the challenge. I personally have never played the game, but did thoroughly enjoy the movie.

Written by Colin Bate