Ultimate tropical month

Paget, Bermuda

Ultimate in the sense of last. Tropical in the sense that it could be, if it weren’t winter. But it certainly has been pleasant and I have nothing to complain about weather-wise. I am now starting to plan my relocation to Vancouver. Fortunately, I’m somewhat used to picking up and relocating, having drifted around Europe in the pursuit of my masters.

I am hoping that I am able to squeeze a bit of Bermuda into my time here. That should happen my final week, at which time my parents and youngest brother are coming down to visit me here. I am quite looking forward to it honestly. I always enjoy showing people around and area I am familiar with, and of course my parents are a captive audience. I’ve been planning an itinerary of touristy things to do when they are here… many of which I haven’t done before. So expect more photos from that one week than the rest of my time here combined. I know I have been neglecting my photos and I promised myself that if it is a nice weekend, I will try to get outside and snap some more photos.

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day…